poniedziałek, 10 stycznia 2011


It was supposed to be the ordinary session of beauty - pictures/shots in the
studio, afro, jewelry, full of color and
positive energy...
Whole team got to work. We started with the afro, making with hair pins.

Suddenly I noticed that hair, which was at work, looked like a crown of
We stopped further haier twisting, all of us having the same connotations.
Finally, Poland is a Catholic country, strongly associated with church and
all that  Christian iconography.
Immediately it reminded us of pictures from the altars, books of prayer and
sacred pictures, which a priest - visiting homes to consecrate them -
usually was offering  children.
Christian iconography was so strongly rooted in our consciousness that our
minds created concrete images without any problems.
We only had to find the elements that would build OUR image, in which the
model would most resemble the character of the holy images.
Our photographic studio is full of many gadgets that are useful precisely
during such spontaneous action.
In addition, stylist had a lot of real, old, art nouveau jewelery from one
of Cracow's Gallery.
Gold, blue, emerald, purple, and snow-white were the colors mostly
associated with such topics.
We all worked like in a trance.
We used every corner of the studio, table, old mirror, and the model still
heard : "Remember that you are Jesus!"
This all resulted in 5 photos, which our producer simply called :
1st Prayer in the Garden
2nd The Crowning with Thorns
3rd Crucifixion
4th Entombment
5th Ascension

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